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Wallpaper – The Newest Trend for 2020

After decades of wallpaper hanging in the background while painting has been the preferred method, wallpaper is now starting to make a comeback. Interesting new options in home design are providing homeowners with an added level of opulence to their homes that they just can’t get with a can of paint. With the help of San Diego ProHandymen, you can make any of these option a reality.

Marbling – If you are interested in the random veining and swirling colors of the marble look, marbled wallpaper is an excellent option for you. It is much lighter and easier to install then tiles or panels and there is less upkeep. 2020 brings a wide array of choices for those looking for a unique style.

Intricate Designs in Small Spaces – If you are an artistic person or like bold statements, small rooms like a bathroom are a perfect place to have an intricate pattern installed. While busy prints can be overwhelming in large spaces, a small room has the opposite effect and can feel cozy and luxurious.

Illusion/Themed Wallpaper – Brick, stone and wood planks are often used to add interest or depth to make the walls come alive. If you love travelling and escaping to other places, pick a theme like mountains, forest settings or a cityscape to get that feeling of escape.

Warm Metallics – If you have a lot of darker colors but are wanting a balance throughout your home, think about adding rose gold or copper. These colors provide a warm glow and are expected to continue into 2020 as one of the most popular wallpaper trends.

Botanical Prints – Soothing colors of green and yellow can help achieve a particular look and feel. Bring the nature indoors by using flowers and vines to palms and banana leaves.

Beginning Drywall to Finishing Wallpaper, We Do It All

San Diego ProHandymen can send a qualified craftsman to help with the drywall repair, prepping your walls and applying the wallpaper of your choice.

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