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DIY Paint Project like a Pro!

One of the most inexpensive ways to freshen up a space when you are feeling dull about it, is to paint the walls. Painting can be a fun weekend DIY project but San Diego Pro Handymen suggests following tips and tricks below to ensure that you receive professional results – done by yourself!

Prep Before the Prep:

If you have wallpaper or any peeling paint existing, ensure you remove this with a putty knife to create an easy to apply surface. Use the same knife to apply spackle to any large holes and sand down for the smoothest wall possible. Primer is very important to use especially when changing to a drastic darker or lighter color. If oil based paint was existing on your walls, sand the entire wall down and then prime after. Last step of the prep is to cover all windows, doors and furniture for proper protection.

THE Prep:

Sanding is a crucial step to ensure your wall looks smooth and that your paint will adhere well. Whether you have many holes that were filled or none, San Diego Pro Handymen suggests using 120-grit sandpaper from the top down to guarantee quality work.

Get Painting:

Depending on the paint used, the fumes can be quite strong. Plan for adequate ventilation while working just in case. Always work your way down while painting, meaning start from the ceilings then one wall at a time, top to bottom. Most walls will require at least two coats with a roller. If your wall has texture, use a thicker nap to ensure all of the small spaces are covered. When using a brush for the details, only dip it in the paint a third of the way so not only do you save paint, but it makes cleaning the brush much easier!

Trim Time:

After the paint has fully dried, you can tape your wall-trim edge to paint the trim. Use a putty knife to push the tape tightly down so that no excess paint will seep under the edge. After the trim is painted, remove the tape carefully and don’t wait too long so the dry, sticking paint does not come off with it.

Proper Clean-up:

Once you have completed your first professional paint job on your own, make sure you properly clean up so you can do it again in a different area! Store any remaining paint and clean out the brushes and rollers. Water based paint comes off not too hard in warm, soapy water while an oil based paint will need a cleaning solvent. Hang your roller covers in an upright position and re-shape your brushes and hang to dry.

Need an Actual Professional?

If you don’t feel that these tips will actually turn you into a professional, San Diego Pro Handymen doesn’t judge! Call us today to receive your free, no obligation estimate and we will send a professional painter who will complete the job from start to finish!

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