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Five Basement Remodeling Ideas You Have To Know Before Renovation of Your Basement

Using an unfinished basement just for storage can be an incredible waste of space. Do you really need those old college textbooks anyway? Your lower floor isn’t just a storage hub for long-forgotten furniture and electronics.

Instead, you might think about engaging professional Pro Handymen Company basement remodelers in San Diego county to convert your unfinished basement into a useable living space. Breathe life into your basement with these remodeling ideas

1. Basement Home Office

Whether you work at home every day or just part-time, staying focused is the difference between getting the job done and letting those deadlines slide into next Monday.

Besides the family members, television, game consoles, gardening, comfy beds and sofas there are enough reasons for you to stop and yet hundreds other reasons to work at home. A great method of escaping all these distractions and isolate yourself whilst keeping all the affinities and comfort of your home. Remodeling your basement into a home office is an extraordinary idea that will help you beat dozens of hassles.

2. Basement Playroom

Every kid needs a space to release his or her endless bounds of energy — ideally, that area is not in the middle of your carefully curated living room. Give your kids their own designated section of the house by remodeling basement space into a playroom. Because this room will probably change in function after your children have grown, it doesn’t need to get a large or pricey renovation. More importantly, it should be a fun, imaginative area that will keep the kids active.

Also give some serious thought to what sort of flooring you use. Plush carpet is great for toddlers because it cushions the impact when (not if) they fall over – but with fingerpaints, Play Do and juice boxes being staples of the toddler lifestyle, any carpet that you install is going to face a lot of punishment.

An option many parents prefer is some kind of hardwood floor, covered with soft foam tiles. These interconnect, like a giant jigsaw puzzle, and are bright, colorful, squishy and durable. They’re a great way to protect your flooring and your kids at the same time!

3. Basement Gym

The biggest challenge of a workout is often just showing up. At the end of a long day, changing clothes and fighting traffic can often be enough to bring us right to the couch. If you’re a victim of this struggle, it may be time to reassess your gym membership and give in to the luxury of convenience: a home gym in the basement. Turning your basement into your personal workout center can get you motivated and allow you to tailor the space to your needs.

When designing your fitness space, it is important to choose the right paint colors and accent pieces. For cardio rooms, bold, bright colors such as golds, oranges, or neons help to create an energizing effect that in turn boosts your energy. For a yoga and pilates room, painting in mellow colors such as softer blues and greens helps to create a soothing effect.

Whatever your style may be—sports paraphernalia, motivational quotes, and inspiring photography—accent pieces help to personalize your fitness room.

Once this transformation is complete, you will be well on your way to accomplishing your goal of getting fit in the comfort of your own home.

4. Basement Bar

Turning your cellar into a gathering area complete with a bar is one of the more classic goals for a basement remodel. Once sufficiently waterproofed and adorned with decorations that will not only look good, but will give the space a sense of individuality, basement bars often become favorite places to entertain as well as relax alone. Add a pool table, pinball machine, or a big screen TV into the mix and you’ve got a private hot-spot that your friends and family will be happy to occupy during the big game.

However you use your basement space, it is very important to have a good plan before you begin. Some activities like woodworking or developing photographs might find a great home in a cellar, but plan on adding some extra ventilation so they can be done safely. If you’re going to turn your basement into a bar, you might plan on adding a half-bath and bar sink to make operations more convenient.

Whether you are going to turn your unfinished or future basement into bar, gym, kids playroom or home office, there are definitely more benefits of considering whole basement remodeling because:

– Unlike a room addition, there is no need to excavate for new footings or worry about structural loads.
– Utilities (including water, electricity, gas and sewer lines) are typically close at hand, further reducing costs.
– Heating and cooling loads are relatively light for basements.
– Basements almost always have stairs leading to them, unlike many attics

So, basement upgrades are always beneficial for your family, because who wouldn’t want an extra space to make it a game room, exercise room or even a renter for as an additional income source for your house. You can Call Pro Handymen Company today for free estimate on remodeling or even planning to make a small change on your basement as we provide you with high quality basement remodeling services, flooring, stair repairing and basement painting services in San Diego County county with our basement remodeling experts.

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