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Having small bathroom and too much stuff?

Here are some tips to help you to fit everything in.

Bathroom are usually being the smallest rooms in the houses and they are usually fully packed with items but here we are to help you to save the space and at the same time fit in. Follow up some storage ideas from handyman services you can trust.

Home repairs that offer additional storage:

Here are just a few of the many home repairs we can help you with to maximize your bathroom space:

  • Get new shelves.
  • Replace the mirror with one that has a medicine cabinet for extra storage space.
  • Install towel racks inside of your shower.
  • Add decorative hooks to the back of the door for robes and towels.
  • Swap out your pedestal sink for one with a vanity cabinet. This is a great way to update the look of your bathroom while creating extra storage.

Additional ways to organize your bathroom:

Here are some additional organizational ideas to increase storage in your bathroom, without the need for a toolbox:

  • Only keep your daily necessities in the bathroom. Use caddies to store your overflow or special occasion toiletries. Store these caddies in a bedroom closet where you have more room. This helps you to keep everything in place and not having non-necessities in the bathroom.
  • Purchase freestanding toilet paper holders.
  • Maximize your shelf space by purchasing decorative baskets to keep your toiletries organized.

Our services can help you update your bathroom with both minor and major handyman services. From shelving installation to any repairing. We are America’s most trusted handyman.