DIY Fire Pit Ideas to Make Your Backyard Look Hot

A Fire Pit Made From Concrete Tree Rings

Low on money? Still want a fire pit? No problem—one of the easiest DIY fire pit ideas trending online is a fire pit that is made from concrete tree rings. What makes this such a great DIY project for folks on a budget is the fact that the supplies cost less than $50.

Hard to believe, isn’t it? This guide on how to make your own $50 fire pitwill prove to you that you don’t need too much money to have a fun addition to your backyard.

A Washer Drum Fire Pit

Perhaps one of the most industrial-looking DIY fire pit ideas comes from House and Fig. These guys used an old washing machine drum to create a stylish fire pit out that glows like a beautiful lantern at night and can even be used on pavement.

Whoever thought they needed a lawn for a pretty fire pit clearly hasn’t seen this setup. Their guide on how to make a washer drum fire pit will show you how to do it, and make it look gorgeous.

A Three-Tiered Fire Pit

A lot of people tend to assume that you need to use grout if you’re going to have tiles and concrete bricks as part of your fire pit. Though you might believe that at first glance, it’s actually not true. This three-tiered fire pit involved no grout whatsoever—just simple placement of bricks and a little paver sand.

If you hate grout and cement spreading, this guide for a three-tiered fire pit will be the breath of fresh air you’ve been wanting. Oh, and the price tag? The total supplies cost only $60, total.

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