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7 Tips To Keep Your Home Clean And Organized

I’ve been thinking about some other ways that we keep the house going with me being sick. Here are couple of things that can be used even if you’re not sick.

  1. Let the kids drink water for most of the day. They don’t need Kool-aid, milk or juice every time they are thirsty. When they do have it, it must be consumed at the table or outside. You won’t have Kool-aid stains all over the place and you won’t be frantically trying to clean it up.
  2. To keep the house clean. Allow food to be eaten only at the table or outside. There’s no reason to be dragging food all over the house and cleaning up after it.
  3. 3. Don’t buy beige carpet. I think beige carpet is from Satan! I don’t know any home with small kids would have it. You know that the builders of these new homes for the family aren’t the ones cleaning the carpets!! LOLIt is such a pain to clean and it always looks dirty. If you have small kids and are getting new carpet don’t buy beige. Don’t get really dark carpet either. It will show every little piece of lint and dirt. Look at places like church, doctor’s offices, schools etc. and see what color they have.These high traffic areas are great to get color choices that won’t show dirt.
  1. Stop nagging the kids. Make their lives easier. Keep only the blankets they really need on their beds.  Give them one comforter on top of their bed sheet so that making it will be easy. They don’t need a sheet and several blankets. For mom and dad use a sheet, blanket and comforter. That’s it.
  2. Get organized.Get a basket for them to put their shoes in. They can’t find them in the closet, won’t put them on the rack or in a shoe bag. We have a wicker basket sitting by our stairs and everyone’s shoes go in there. They know where they are and they are easy to get out. Every month or two I go in and sort out the ones that don’t need to be in there like dress shoes or slippers. We use this mostly for shoes worn everyday.
  3. Get rid of dressers and put their clothes on shelves. They never close the drawers and can’t see what is in there. Put shelves up either in the closet or cubbies along the wall for their clothes. They can see at a glance what they have.
  4. Take the closet doors down in their rooms. Put up an easy to close curtain or just leave it open. While they are little, this will make it much easier for them to handle. My kids don’t have any doors on their closets.

Those are few organizing and cleaning tips to make life easier.


This article was taken from: https://www.livingonadime.com/keep-house-home-organized-clean-tips/

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